Who Are We?

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How We Met...

Lauren and Kenny first met in early 2010 at their church, Covenant Fellowship in Willis, TX. Although Lauren didn't even notice Kenny at the time, he was quickly stricken by Lauren and unbeknownst to her, began to chase her heart. Because they had mutual friends at their church, they spent a great deal of time together. Through church related activities, such as life groups and mission trips, the two started becoming friends. Kenny continued to fall for Lauren until finally after a few months, he fell in love with her. By this time, Lauren not only knew who Kenny was, she also knew she was not at all interested in him! That didn't stop Kenny however, and finally, after three more months of annoying phone calls and puppy dog eyes, Lauren agreed to appease him with a couple of dates.

Now, move forward in time by one month. The night sky is clear and the stars are out. Kenny is standing outside of his house having just seen Lauren off. He looks up into the sky and asks God, "If this is meant to be God, give me a shooing star." He waits for ten seconds...30 seconds...60 seconds. There was nothing. Finally, he concedes that God doesn't answer every person's demands on a whim and, still happy as could be, he goes back inside to sleep. The following morning, Kenny wakes up and checks his email...he has an email from Lauren waiting.

She wrote, "Guess what I saw last night when I got home. I saw a shooting star in the sky!"

He was floored, but even more importantly, God had answered his request. "I've already given you a shooting star...her name is Lauren."

Lauren fell in love with Kenny in a matter of weeks, and even as you read this now, Kenny is still chasing after her heart.